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Krav Maga Online Course

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I have spent more than a decade learning Krav Maga from the best Krav Maga Instructors around the world, but especially from Master Alain Cohen from Israel - a direct student of Grandmaster Raphy Elgrissy, who was the very first student of Imi Lichtenfeld - founder of Krav Maga.

To my disadvantage, I live in the United States and Master Alain Cohen is living in Israel. I couldn't train with him on daily bases. But where is the will, there is a way. He has travelled to the United States once or twice a year and I would go to Israel every year for the Intensive training. The rest of the time I spent learning, training and teaching from his books and DVD's. When we got together he would correct me and advise me on performing certain techniques and gradually I was on my way to mastering Krav Maga.

I have trained thousands of students and many of them achieved a Black Belt and advanced Instructor level.  But I always wanted to be able to reach more people. Then I remembered how I learned. And I thought, if I could do it, so can everyone else with the right tools.

I have spent the last two and a half years writing my book and preparing this course for you. 

It's a  complete online Krav Maga Course from the beginner to an expert, based on my bestselling KMF-AC book Krav Maga - Best Techniques. It contains over 200 Krav Maga techniques, filmed from different angles with detail explanation.


Now, you can learn from the comfort of your home or on the go. Whether you're just a beginner or a seasoned Krav Maga Practitioner, this program will definitely help you advance to the next level.


You will have unlimited access to all videos in this program, from the Yellow Belt to the Black Belt Dan 6, for as long as you want to watch them. It will accelerate you to your next Belt Rank and your Instructor Level, regardless of your affiliation.


Pick the package that best suits your goals and  let's get started today!

Still hesitate or have questions?  Contact me at any time!

Greg Dziewonski - Senior Coach & a National Director  at Krav Maga Federation - AC

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Alison Pass

What an invaluable resource! I highly recommend this video series for all levels of practitioners; beginners will find it easy to follow and the advanced will sharpen their skills

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Ed Carroll

You will not be disappointed with the content or quality of these instructional videos. Each technique is broken down to clearly demonstrate the detail of every technique. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned practitioner, you will benefit from this series of videos.


Eugene Buchinger

Amazing videos, easy to learn especially along with the book. You can practice at home or at your gym. I highly recommend this for anyone interested in krav Maga at any level.

See the extract from the course!


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Buy  entire Online Course with all instructional and bonus  videos and stream forever for one low price




Rent entire Online Course with all instructional and bonus  videos and stream for 1 year


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Subscribe to entire Online Course with all Instructional and bonus videos and stream for  a low monthly fee




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